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These Royalties are due to you


    Since the beginning of the eighties, an increasing number of collective collection societies has been set up to collect the television "secondary rights", in Europe mainly but also in Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

    "Secondary rights" , as for example:

  • cable retransmission royalties,
  • private copy on blank cassettes levies,
  • neighbouring rights…

    In Europe, these collective collections societies are currently collecting the royalties ensuing from the programs broadcast by more than 100 channels in over 15 languages.

    Based on television broadcasting reports and ratings of the programmes, the collective collection societies have to calculate and  ensure the effective payment of these royalties due to the eligible parties…


    However, failure to properly claim your dues, that is the  ability  to supply most if not all the collective collection societies with more than the usual credits of your works, for example, the exact details of the broadcasting (channels, dates and time of broadcasting, broadcast title in the language of the channels' country, etc…), in whichever form each might require, will have the very likely outcome that

  • a substantial number of diffusions of your works will not be identified,
  • within a very short time you will reach, or indeed in certain cases will have already reached the statutes of limitation and... your unclaimed royalties will be lost.

Safety and Value Are Always Your Options

    You can elect to benefit from The Comedia Advantage and be relieved of the complex and time consuming procedures you are confronted with in collecting your own dues.

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