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The Comedia Advantage

CopyRight® The Intellectual Property Intelligence System®

Unique to Comedia, this state of the art automated database system has been designed to enable a pro active approach to the management of rights.

  • Instant search and retrieval of any information as well as statement processing;
  • Historical broadcast data allows Comedia to electronically check if all payments for all valuable broadcasts were effectively received for each eligible type of right and this from every eligible territory;
  • Updating broadcast data is an ongoing process enabling Comedia to issue the claims to and require payment by the collection societies for the "must claim" royalties they did collect but which, if unclaimed, they do not pay automatically:

Collection societies are not always in a position to pay out all the royalties they have collected: these are the ones ensuing from channels not reaching a certain audience level in certain territories. The same channel which signal is received in several territories has a "automatic pay" status in the territories where its audience is high and a "must claim" status in the territories where its audience is low. Furthermore, each status is revised every year. Where  the "must claim" situation exists, unless you supply the collection societies with the exact details of each broadcast (channel, date and time, broadcast title in the language of the channels' country…) your unclaimed royalties will be lost.

  • Automated electronic correspondence procedures with the collection societies combined with its unique information systems, give Comedia a distinct advantage over any other data based tools or manual operating mode. This is true time wise, but also from the critical point of view of data accuracy and integrity.
  • Ensuring faster royalty returns by eliminating delays in the collection processes.

Saving Time and Money: Management and Collection under one Roof.

  • Cash in earlier because of claiming through the most "direct route" possible. In some cases our rights holders received their royalty payments two years in advance compared to the ones going their traditional route.
  • No costs of administration or legal follow up. 

Since 1991, Comedia's combination of know how and technology

  • Benefited  its partners with royalties that they where not in a position to claim,
  • Improved its partners' royalty income by a percentage such that they actually benefited from Comedia's service at no cost...

Safety and Value are always your Options

  • Covering Europe, North America, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa for now, Comedia delivers a pro active and value driven attitude to royalty collection of secondary rights for the Film and Television world.
  • If you are concerned about not getting the Royalties due to you from the television broadcast of your films and television programmes, please contact us to discuss how Comedia can help.

Starting to Build a Long-Standing Relationship