Building a Long-Standing Relationship

Clear Conditions - Simple Procedure

    The Procedure is Simple: contact Comedia, answer a few simple questions enabling us to come back to you ready to discuss the evaluation of the Secondary Rights of your catalog. We like looking at this as starting to Build a Long-Standing Relationship

You Have No Down payment To Make

    You run no financial risk.

We Are Bound By Results

    Our only remuneration will be a percentage of the sums which we will have collected. No additional or hidden costs.

The Percentage Varies According To

    the type and volume of the works which will determine the sums involved: a feature film broadcast during prime time will give rise to more royalties than a documentary broadcast at night. Animation series broadcast out of peak time nevertheless will give rise to a significant amount of royalties, through their sheer volume.

    the duration of the agreement: it will last in the future or, for the same number of years as that for which we have identified your earliest program being broadcast in the past, or for a minimum period of 5 years.